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Is OK to Buy WoW Gold Directly?

WoW Gold Sellers Faced With PayPal Bans

However, what I want to tell you is that many websites workers know this method and post and answer some questions by themselves. The best way, in my opinion, is that to search the company name on Google to see if they have ever cheated the customers. If the site provides bad goods and service, some customers will post some complaints on the Internet. So I recommend you to find more information about the sellers on the internet. Then, come to the buyers. If you want to safely buy gold, you must reduce the risks and remember to protect your private information. Some fishing sites want to steal your wow accounts and may cheat you by providing you some cheapest wow gold. Take care of them if you dont want to lose your wow accounts . Protect your private information is to protect your real money. As we know the Internet security is a big problem in our daily life.
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Tweet It's hard to play World of Warcraft for long without seeing an advertisement in the chat window for one of the seemingly endless supply of gold-selling websites. Blizzard's battle with gold sellers is thankfully now getting some assistance from PayPal, one of the most popular payment methods on the internet. After receiving complaints from Blizzard regarding IP violation, PayPal sent out notices to the infringing parties threatening to cut off their ability to use the service. Sites were given the option to object to the report if they've been falsely accused; those who are selling WoW gold have no recourse but to stop if they're interested in continuing to use PayPal. Harmless as it might sound, gold selling can seriously hurt an MMO's in-game economy and helps to encourage the hacking of accounts and botting -- and that's not to mention those annoying advertisements in the game's chat or the workforce being exploited to farm the gold in the first place. There might never be an end to this struggle, but Blizzard can at least hope to make it more difficult to pull off.
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